viernes, 9 de mayo de 2014

Learn, Love, Live

The first line to appear in our hand is the life line, then the heart line and lastly the head line. The life line is like a river descending from the mount of Venus, love. Life and love – life that has its source in love. You know Botticelli’s painting The Birth of Venus. It shows a magnificent young woman standing in a large shell floating on the sea. Venus, the goddess of love, is coming out of the water, the symbol of life. And the river, life, will be just like its source, love. If the love is weak, then so will the life be. Despite a long life line, the riverbed will remain empty and dry. So, if you want to be alive, you must love!
Most of the time, you have no power over events themselves, because they are merely links in a long chain. Whether or not a war breaks out depends not on one person or even one community, but on a multitude of inextricably linked ideological, political and economic factors. And there are many more possible misfortunes against which we are powerless. But, whatever happens, life offers so many possibilities and the Creator has placed so many gifts and faculties in you that you can put to good use to benefit from this wealth. Regardless of circumstances, and whatever your state, there is something you can do – even if it is to tell yourself there is another lesson for you to learn. Learning is a way of not giving in. To stay alive, you must be constantly learning!
Let me this example, please: The idea of gymnastics is too often associated with care of the physical body, flexibility, muscle development, and so on, even though the nervous system also needs to be supported, strengthened and stimulated if we are to be in good health and have energy. Athletes may have the strongest muscles, but if their nervous system is weakened, exhausted, they will be unable to lift even a bottle of water. Observe yourself and ask yourself why on some days you can be active all through the day or walk ten miles without tiring, and other days you drag yourself about miserably. Your muscles are the same, but you have less nervous energy. With our gymnastic exercises, it is therefore the nervous system we are looking to strengthen, since even our muscular capacity depends on it. And what strengthens and feeds the nervous system? Awareness, faith, the fervour with which you set about a task. If you strive to perform every movement you make with the belief that you are achieving something good and beautiful, your whole day will be influenced positively, for you will have created an inner harmony, which will also be reflected in your behaviour towards those around you.