lunes, 20 de marzo de 2017

Relight my fire

Julia from Kiev

Letters from friends/About the love of God.
Probably this is not a big study about it, but the own words from a friend is important for me and I share here

Dear Helen:
Relationships are not easy; love is the key, but so is being able to pray together; be respectful of one another. 
By being respectful of one another I mean that each must love the other more than anyone else. 
I was taught by my mother that a person must love God above all else. Second a person must love their self, loving others is the third part. My mother taught me that a woman must be willing to place her husband as her equal; that the man must do likewise. 

This is because Christ did not come to die for a bride that would not be or was not his own equal, if Christ died for his bride then the man must be willing to do so also for his wife. To die to his self a man must pray to God that all his strength love will flow from God for the good benefit of the woman his wife, this is the way Christ loved his bride, continues to this day even to intercede for those whom he loves who love him. 

I am not perfect, will make mistakes, but I will not stop praying seeking God to help me make it through this life overcoming my doubts, fears, sins, all that tries to destroy the blessedness of life the opportunities it provides for us all to prove to ourselves God that we love him more than all else. 

what do you think about this? let me know your opinion i am online these days, wait for you and also your opinion about my forler that I send you.

Blessings to you, Julia