martes, 21 de marzo de 2017

Your massage

Letters from friends/Angelika/

Hi Elen: Sweety, in this letter I would love to tell you what I DO like very much…something I like to have done  for myself….and what I like to do very much ;))))
What means to have a good rest??? There are no doubts that good rest means to slag in bed and have good sleep or even take a nap to get more energy) But to relax and forget all fears, negative emotions and people who surround us everyday at work can help a really good massage. If some sleep switches you out of this world and allows you to get into other reality, paradise for only some times and when you open your eyes you realize you are in the same bad wicked world, monotonous life..same people..same job..whatever! But good massage made with passion, with heart and soul put into makes you feel relaxed about life for a long time. Only beloved person can make spiritual massage, transmit love, warmth, care, positive vibes, because  a person that had some feelings to you can make you feel good through own energy field. By the way, did you know that this field of energy can surround and penetrate the body of other people? Everything that we experience : it can be physical sensations, thoughts, feelings, states of consciousness and so forth. So if the person hates us, do not allow that person touch you because her negative feelings and thoughts will affect you. When the person is in love with you or bears some pleasant feelings  allow that person to touch your body :P as many times as you want)) really, you will get physical and emotional  orgasm and feel good 24/7. That is why I carefully  pick a person who can do massage for me. This is can only be my man I love!!! And A man that has feelings to me. I want to feel passion when your hands touch my neck, butts, hands….I dream of your firm, but gentle hands on my skin and when I do think of it, I feel totally at ease ;) I love erotic massage. Have you ever done it before? Would you do massage to my tired body now?:)
My thoughts today are about the best part of men`s body- his hands)) Don`t laugh at me but hands of a man can tell about him a lot)))
Is he working like a blue or white collar?? How his lady may feel when he gives her a gentle massage??))
Men`s hands can bring a lot of thoughts to girl`s head, even a naughty one))

For my Prince: I am your desire, your water when you are thirsty, your bed when you are sleepy, your food when u are hungry,